Elda on thriving schools
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Groot ontbyt Prof Elda de Waal, Melanie Buys Onderwysuitdagings 15 Jan 2019

Dagbreek: Onderhoud – Prof. Elda de Waal (Afrikaans original video)

Prof. Elda de Waal, Optentia, North-West University

KykNet – Wat’s Die Storie? (WDS – Afrikaans original video)

13 January 2009
KykNet – Wat’s Die Storie? (WDS – Afrikaans original video)
KykNet – What’s The Story?

Interviewer: Tim du Plessis

General concern is escalating about the quality and reliability of the Grade 12 evaluation of learners at public schools – especailly the final MATRIC EXAMINATION held across the country nationally in October to November annually.

Three experts were invited to join a discussion and debate on various sides of the story….