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Spektrum – 2018 Januarie 19 OVERVAAL_PHOENIX

Vrydag 19 Januarie 2018
‘n Navorsings professor by die Education and Human rights diversity navorsingseenheid by die NWU se Potchefstroom kampus, Elda de Waal sê die Gautengse departement van onderwys kon die situasie by Hoërskool Overvaal verhoed het. De Waal sê dit wil amper voorkom of die departement met opset die onmin stook.


SPEKTRUM – 2017 Oktober 4 – AARDKLOP

Woensdag 4 Oktober 2017
Die Spektrum-span by Aardklop plaas boelie-gedrag onder die soeklig. Verteenwoordigers van FAMSA, ‘n organisasie wat hom beywer vir gesonde familie-verhoudings, lewer insette oor hoe om afknouery aan te spreek. ‘n Onderwyskenner, Professor Elda de Waal neem deel aan die gesprek en vertel ook meer van uitdagings in die onderwys. Dan maak ‘n vierpotige vriend met die naam “skottels” ‘n draai. En Jak de Priester maak musiek.


2016 Praat Saam (Talk to Us) National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 8 April (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

UNICEF (UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN FUND) claims that South African schools are some of the most dangerous places for children. According to UNICEF, violence violates the rights to quality education of millions of children. Prof. Elda de Waal and Mr Elijah Mahlanga (spokesperson: Department of Basic Education) were invited as guests, to share their expert opinions concerning this report.


2016 Praat Saam (Talk to Us) National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 22 February (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

International Home Language Day was celebrated yesterday. Meanwhile, after recommendations made by a task team, the University of Pretoria wants to offer all their lectures and classes only in English. How should we approach the relationship between multilingualism and a home language? Prof Elda de Waal and Ria Olivier (Project Manager: Language Board for Afrikaans) were invited as guests, to share their expert opinions.


2016 Praat Saam (Talk to Us) National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 6 January (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, launches the second campaign to afford matriculants who failed a second chance to register. Along with that the department has undertaken to pay attention to the three provinces that fared worst in the past matric examination. Today we look at the quality of matriculants that private and independent schools deliver: Can one compare these two types of schools in this regard to the situation at public schools?  Prof Elda de Waal and Elana Nel (representing the Independent Examinations Board) were invited as guests, to share their expert opinions.


2015  Praat Saam (Talk to Us) National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 10 August (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

Two public schools, Scottsdene High School and Hawston Primary School were built at the cost of R65 million each, but they were declared unsafe venues before the learners and staff members could move in. The coordinator of the Save-Our-Schools-Movement, Magnus de Jongh, reported on having asked the Education Department to investigate: the possibility of mis-administration; poor construction of the building; dangerous building construction; how the tenders were awarded; who appointed the builders; and why inspectors and local government specialists had not been supervising these activities. Moreover, complaints were also voiced towards Helen Zille (Premier), Debbie Schäfer (Provincial Education Department), Patricia de Lille (Mayoress), Donald Grant (Provincial Minister of Transport) and the Municipality of Overstrand. Three experts were invited for the discussion: Magnus de Jongh, Elda de Waal and Solomic Joseph (Equal Education).

Response to this story so far :

Wednesday 12 August 2015: Update by Magnus de Jongh on Scottsdene Sen Secondary and Hawston Schools: The office of the Public Protector visited the schools. They requested a meeting with us (complainants) for tomorrow 13 August 2015. Should you know of Schools or Clinics that was constructed during the last 24 months, experiencing similar issues like Scottsdene and Hawston please let me know. We already know of Silversands Secondary and the Clinics in Vredenburg standing emply for the past 18 months. AT TOMORROWS MEETING WITH THE PP WE WILL REQUEST THAT HER INVESTIGATION BE EXTENDED TO INCLUDE THESE.


2015     Praat Saam (Talk to Us). National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 22 June (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

A recent unfortunate bullying incident that was video-taped by learners – on 2 June – at Krugerlaan High School and which then went viral on YouTube ignited yet another look at bullying at schools.


2015     Praat Saam (Talk to Us). National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 30 April (Lynette Francis – Presenter)

It has become known that the Department of Basic Education made plan to change Single Medium (only one Language of Instruction) schools into Double Medium (more than one Language of Instruction) schools. Now they have made a change to the announcement: they intend looking into changing a few Afrikaans Single Medium schools into Parallel Medium schools to alleviate the pressure of the need for being taught in English Language of Instruction. Two experts were invited to join the debate.


2015     Praat Saam (Talk to Us). National Afrikaans Radio Interview (RSG) held with me on 6 April (Lynette Francis – Presenter)
School Governing Bodies play a significant role in supporting their school principals and School Management Teamsn cocnerning the provision of effective leadership and governance at our schools. What precisely is the role and importance of such a Governing Body and, moreover, can it create a successful school?


2015     Praat saam (20150223) (Lynette Francis)

Monday 23 Februarie 2015

Daar was die afgelope tyd verskeie voorvalle van boeliegedrag in skole. Wat kan jy doen om te verseker dat jou kind nie ‘n slagoffer word van hierdie wangedrag nie? En hoe gemaak as jou kind die boelie is?

English translation of the gist of the interview

Recently several incidents of bullying have occurred at schools. What can you do to ensure that your child does not become a victim concerning such misbehaviour? And what does one do if your own child bullies others?”


2014     Ons En Die Onderwys held on 23 November 2014 (Johan van Lill)

Education and Us

English translation of the gist of the radio talk:
Johan van Lill chats with Elda de Waal of the North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, on the management of cyber bullying at public schools.

Incidences of bullying, especially cyber bullying, at schools
Question: How to react to and manage such incidents?


2013     Cape Talk Interview held on 24 January 2013 (John Maytham)
A school asked a 16-year old girl and her 13-year old brother to remove their headscarf and fez
Question: Should Islamic clothing identity be respected at public schools?


2013     Interview held on 5 March 2013 (John Maytham)
Teacher’s hair set alight by a Grade 8 learner + 15-year old female learner allegedly stabbing and killing a 17-year old  female learner
Question: Would bringing back corporal punishment be the solution?