Successful public schooling in diversity – Suksesvolle openbare skole in diversiteit

best interests <18 years

pupil diversity

voices of parents / caregivers

diverse religions-cultures-languages

teacher diversity

voices of pupils

rights of teachers & pupils

teacher accountability

pupil responsibility

fair procedures

Elda on thriving schools
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Now this school and its partners, under the leadership of its principal, Ann Morton, has managed to become a true Change-Making school. Let us celebrate their remarkable progress and follow their lead to become successful public schools…

Hats off to making a public school a smiling place!!

Watch this amazing story:

Everyone a Changemaker: The Story of Pinelands North

Pinelands North Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa transformed from an all white, homogeneous school to one of South Africa’s leading institutions in fostering inclusiveness across society.

From there, the school continued their journey of changemaking beyond inclusivity, to unlock the potential of every student, teacher and community changemaker.