Successful public schooling in diversity – Suksesvolle openbare skole in diversiteit

best interests <18 years

pupil diversity

voices of parents / caregivers

diverse religions-cultures-languages

teacher diversity

voices of pupils

rights of teachers & pupils

teacher accountability

pupil responsibility

fair procedures

Elda on thriving schools
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About my research

I probe opportunities for creating and maintaining successful public schools in South Africa and my research reflects a global concern for public schooling. International literature (Bush, 2007; Cummings, 2009; McCarthy, 2006 & 2007; Thomas, Cambron-McCabe, McCarthy, 2009) indicates that when solutions are required for deep rooted problems about learners’ reaching full potential, the need for successful public schools becomes plain. My focus is on encouraging a human rights culture to balance education partner rights (learners, educators, parents/caregivers, society) in search of classroom safety-security and to urge every partner to be jointly responsible for successful schooling, among others, by promoting happiness and recognizing different languages/religions/cultures fairly within public schools’ legal settings.

With successful public schooling as my research focus, I conduct research in five constitutionally supported themes (learner best interests / educator rights; classroom security; education partner accountability; language-religion-culture aspects; public law indicators) as they represent the catch in balancing fundamental learner-educator rights in search of classroom security (rooted in education policies), while urging partners to play their roles by advancing safety/welfare and recognizing differing language/religion/culture traits in public schools’ legal milieu as a path to successful public schooling.

Catch 22-dilemmas at public schools need Elda!